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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tamil Siddha Medicine Mouth Ulcer Vai Punnu

Causes of Mouth Ulcer (Vai Punnu)
Chronic mouth infection
Biting the skin of the mouth
Some heredity mouth infection
Mouth wounds due to viral and bacterial infection
Viral fever cause Vai Punnu (mouth ulcer)
Tobacco chewing  

The main symptoms of the disease are bad mouth smell, difficult to swallow and continuous saliva secretion.
Tamil Siddha Medicine Mouth Ulcer 
Masikai uses in Mouth Ulcer Treatment: One of the important masikai uses is in mouth ulcer treatment. Rub masikai (get from Nattu marunthu kadai) in a clean stone by adding few drops of water and apply on the area of mouth ulcer. Masikai herbal medicine also works quickly for mouth ulcer treatment.

Agathi keerai uses in mouth ulcer treatment: Boil the leaves of Agathi keerai and drink a cup of Agathi keerai juice daily three times a day to get rid of mouth ulcer problem.
Tamil Siddha Medicine for Mouth ulcer: Take annabethi senthuram 200mg thripalai suranam 2, mix it in 10ml of honey and have this two times a day. Drink Nannari syrup twice a say
Add tender coconut water, vendhaya keerai, pasalai keerai, agathi keerai, manathakkali keerai and  curd.  

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