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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Dandruff Treatment | Hair Home Remedy Solutions and Tips

Tamil Medicine for Dandruff 
In ancient days people followed many Tamil medicine for dandruff problem. The benefit of hair dandruff treatment tamil method is no side effects and it is very easy to follow.
The first thing in Dandruff solutions Tamil treatment and remedy is cleanliness. Hair wash should be taken twice a week. Dry your hair properly after wash then apply oil. Applying oil on wet hair may increase the infection.

Symptoms of Hair dandruff
  • Appearance of white flakes on your hair
  • Itching in the hair scalp
  • Continuous Hair fall

Dandruff Tips Tamil Remedy

Comb and towel from the dandruff person should not be used this also cause hair dandruff infection.

How to remove dandruff Tamil Medicines
  • Best dandruff home remedy Tamil treatment is the application of lemon solution and curd mixture before taking hair wash.
  • Take 5tsp of fenugreek seed (vendhayam) mix with lemon juice and apply half an hour before taking hair wash.
  • Apply aloe vera  pulb  half an hour before taking hair wash. The application of Neem leaf paste work better to remove dandruff very quickly.
  • Apply the paste of green gram powder and Tulsi juice mix before taking bath to reduce the itching and infection of dandruff.
  •  The best siddha medicine for dandruff is parangipattai chooranam. parangipattai chooranam works effectively to reduce dandruff problem.  
  • Do this above mentioned treatments at home for about 2 months to Avoid dandruff through Tamil maruthuvam.  
  • You will get all clear hair with out using any artificial products.


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