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Monday, September 3, 2012

Gastric Problem Solution in Tamil Medicine

Gastric Problem
Natural Gastric problem solution Tamil medicines are very beneficial without causing any side effects. The name for Gastric problem in Tamil is vayu thollai.
Gastric problem is mainly due to poor food habit and it is heredity for some people. The main symptoms of gastric problem are heart burn, pain near to heart bone and feeling of pain while drinking some liquids. Gastric problem may be the side effects of medications too.
If you are having Gastric problem, get rid of smoking, drinking.  Practice eating at right time. Should not be depressed, be active and avoid anger. Completely avoid oil deep fried food and potatoes.    
Eat lots of boiled green leaves, fruits and vegetables. Have warm less salted and less spicy food. Engulf or eat a clove of garlic after food. Have a brisk walk half an hour after eating. Athimadhuram benefits are excellent in gastritis. Take this athimadhuram 1gm powder in the morning, afternoon and at night after food.

Siddha Tamil medicine Gastric Cure
Gastric problem in Tamil Maruthuvam is drinking Jeera and fenugreek (Vendhayam) seeds boiled water. Gastric problem solution Tamil siddha treatment says that having Sangu Parpam or Sanka Bhasma 400ml in half glass of water three times a day gives excellent result. Drinking 2gm Kavikal choornam mixed in water also cure your gastric problem. One of the best tamil medicine for gastric problems is triphala churna. Have this with warm water twice a day  to get permanent cure from  Gastric problem.



ASK said...

can it be given for my 2 year kid since she is having sever indigestion and gastric problem. Due to this she is vomiting the food frequently. whenever she feels that she is going to get YAPPAM (gas)while consuming food she will vomit.

Meena said...

First you have to conform that it is indigestion or stomach infection. vomiting is the indication of stomach infection too. Conform with your doctor and if it is gastric can give cumin seed Jeear water 10ml (1tsp jeers in 20ml water, Boil when it becomes half 10ml cool it and give to the kid)in the empty stomach.

Anonymous said...

I am having gastric problem and whenever i eat a small piece of egg or potato or taking food after a long time getting hunger i am getting severe pain over my chest, neck and shoulders.. Getting difficult to breathe.. Now i bought Triphal churna from pharmacy.. what was the procedure of Drinking this?? before food or after food?? give me some suggestions pls...

Unknown said...

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