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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patti Vaithiyam for Asthma Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam

Patti Vaithiyam for Asthma Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam
This is natural Patti vaithiyam for Asthma. Asthma people suffer very much to get permanent cure. Tamil Nattu Maruthuvam weather it is  paati vaithiyam or Nattu vaithiyam gives permanent relief with out any side effects. The best Paati vaithiyam for asthma is vaporizations. Before knowing the treatment let see the causes of Asthma, symptoms and treatment.    

Asthma causes
Asthma is disease characterized by difficulty in breathing. The main causes of asthma are pollution in air, may be hereditary, climate change, and tension.  
Asthma symptoms
The symptoms of asthma are difficulty in breathing, short breath, tight in the chest region, wheezing and night cough.
 Asthma treatment
Asthma treatment is given in two forms one is long term asthma treatment and another short time relief in the form of inhalers.   

Nattu vaithiyam for asthma: eucalyptus leaves for asthma treatment is very natural. Take a bunch of eucalyptus leaves, put in boiling water, and let it to boil for a minute by closing the lit.  now open the lid and take steam by closing yourself with the vessel in a cotton carpet. In the same way you can use neem leaves also.   
Asthma treatment in Tamil Maruthuvam: Honey and cinnamon are used in Asthma treatment in Tamil Maruthuvam. Take one spoon of honey, then powder some cinnamon. Take2 pinches of cinnamon mix with honey. Have this excellent patti vaithiyam for asthma medicine twice a day morning and at bed time to get permanent relief from asthma. 
Have tulsi leaves extract mixed in honey (2 tsp tulsi extract with 1/2tsp honey) this is the best Asthma siddha medicine. There is no side effect and this will improve your immunity powder too.

Pepper for asthma: Pepper spray works better for some people but some are allergic to that. It is not advised to use Pepper spray.   
Cumin seeds for asthma: prepare cumin powder, add 1tsp of honey. Have this twice a day to get cure from asthma.
Ginger and honey for asthma: Take two cloves of ginger, 2 pepper, ½ tsp honey grind and have twice a day.
Tulsi leaves for asthma: Eat some tulsi laves often daily until you get the relief  
neem oil for asthma: Neem oil works better for asthma. Take neem oil steam before going to bed.


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