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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tamil Medicine Acidity Home Remedy

Tamil Medicine acidity
Tamil medicine acity: Amilathanamai
There are many forms of Tamil medicine for acidity which are in allothathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and siddha medicines.  Acidity cure with out side effects are called the medicine. Digestive enzymes are secreted in the stomach to digest the food but in some cases the digestive juice moves in reverse direction to the food pipe which causes irritation.    Acidity can be cured with medication and proper food habit.

Home remedies Acidity Tamil 
The main causes of acidity are bad food habits, depression, tension and stress. The fruits like papaya and pine apple are rich in papain and bromelain proteolytic enzymes which helps in digestion. Cabbage juice is good for acidity problem. Cabbage consists of amino acids which promote the digestion process. Cumin seeds, asafetida, omam and mint laves remove the stomach gas and improves digestion and these are the best medicine for acidity.  Drink plenty of water. Eat your food at correct time interval, food untimings and fasting also worsen the condition of acidity.

Food to Avoid for Acidity Cure
People having acidity problem should avoid the masala and rich spicy food.
Acidity people should not eat citrus fruits like lemon and  orange.
Avoid eating more fat rich food which are difficult to digest.
Completely avoid drinking coffee and Tea alternatively drink green tea.
Avoid eating spicy food, and pickles.

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Rohan said...

Thanks for sharing home remedies for acidity medicine. If we are follow regular diet and take Acidity Dietary Supplements then we get fast relief.