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Monday, September 3, 2012

Constipation Tamil Medicine Treatment and Home Remedies

Constipation Tamil Medicine 
This post helps the people those who search for Constipation Tamil medicine Treatment and home remedies. This method is also called natural cure and no side effects reported to follow this method. Constipation Tamil Meaning is difficulty in excreting the body solid waste products.

Symptoms of Constipation in Adult
Loss of appetite
Hardy less lubricated stool
Headache and Stomach pain
Swelling in the abdomen
Difficulty during excretion
Irregular bowl movement
Vomiting and loss of appetite are the common symptoms constipation in infants and children. One of the best constipation home remedies is food alteration. Drink two to three litres of water even you are not feeling thirsty. Do some exercises regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables which is rich in fibres.  Eat a cup of boiled whole grains which is rich in fibres.

Constipation in infants: Take good quality raisins, soak  in warm water for about five to six hours and give the water for infants.  This home remedy can work to get rid of constipation in children.

Remedies constipation Tamil Medicine: Take Kadukkai skin 5gm and boil it in 150ml of water. Let it to reduce 50ml and drink three times a day. Mix 2tsp of castor oil in warm milk and drink before going to bed. Nilavagai Choornam and Sonamukhi Choorna are the best siddha constipation Tamil treatment. This can be taken 5 to 10gm in warm water before going to bed.  

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