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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Hair Growth Reduce Hair fall Hair Care Tips

Tamil Medicine for Hair Growth 

This is the information of Tamil medicine for hair growth and how to reduce Hair fall Hair Care Tips. . Beauty is the dream of each and every human. People mostly depend on artificial and chemical cosmetic items to retain their beauty. Nowadays the number of beauty parlors in Tamil nadu is increasing day by day.  They charge more money for their beauty treatments so simple home made easy beauty tips are always best. Reduce Hair fall tips Tamil treatment speaks about natural methods which was followed in the ancient period. There are four natural methods popularly called natural Tamil medicine for hair growth gives you the remedy for your hair problem.

Ayurvedic Hair Massage Mooligai  oil: The best Hair fall control tips Tamil maruthuvam is hair massage. Main reason for hair loss is no sufficient blood supply and tension so do hair massage weekly once by using the  Ayurvedic Hair Massage oil. Ayurvedic hair massage centres use Ayurvedic herbal oils for head massage. Tamil medicine for hair loss problems is completely natural with our any side effects.   

How to Reduce hair fall Tamil medicine: The hair fall and hair growth are closely related to the maintenance of your hair. Wash your hair weekly once apply oil for your hair one day before taking hair wash. Take two or three capsicum cut and put in the warm water. Use the water while taking hair wash. Take 2tsp of onion juice and mix with Shikakai powder or shampoo at the time of your hair wash.

Food and hair growth: Health of your hair mainly depends on your eating habit. One of the best Tamil tips for hair care treatment is eating more fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin and minerals like potassium.

Drinking Water: Water is important for all living things. Water plays vital role in maintaining the body metabolic activity. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.   Follow the above mentioned Tamil tips for hair care and retain your hair as such without fall.

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