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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indian Mooligai Ayurveda Agathiyar Mooligai Marmam Tips

Indian Mooligai Mooligai Marmam Tips
This is the information of Indian mooligai  ayurveda agathiyar mooligai marmam Tips. Mooligi are called medicinal plants which are the best remedy for many diseases. Mooligai treatment is most commonly used in India especially Tamil nadu to get rid of many health illness problems. Vilvam leaves, neem leaves and Tulsi leaves are popularly called nalam tharum mooligai in herbal medicine treatment. Mooligai vaithiyam is followed in different names like,
ayurveda mooligai treatment,
agathiyar mooligai,
ariya mooligai treatment,
siddha mooligai treatment etc,
Mooligai agarathi – it is a book consist all the information about mooligai medicinal plants, local name, availability, location, picture, medicinal value and its benefits for disease curing.    
In mooligai maruthuvam, the mooligai uses were identified by the saints called Siddha and later the medicinal value information was spread as like mecinal home remedy or natural treatment tips to normal people crowd but many years the information and the name of the mooligai in disease cure was kept secrete by the saints.
Mooligai Bath: mooligai bath or herbal was used in siddha medicine to cure physical disorders and mental imbalance. This type of treatment is still used in Kerala state of India.    
Mooligai oil and Rasamani: mooligai oil is prepared from mooligai plants
to cure the problems like, excess body heat, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, white hair, massage and relaxation etc.
natchathira mooligai and mooligai rasamani was found by siddha but the location, benefits and identity was still maintained as secrete. otrai mooligai is very special in cancer cure but there is no complete details about the plant.
Nowadays mooligai export is done from India to many foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada etc., 
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