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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Siddha Vaidyam Medicines for Diabetes Infertility and Weight loss

Siddha vaidyam medicines for Diabetes infertility and weight loss
Siddha vaidyam medicines is one of the old type of treatment, in which the medicine prepared by using pancha bhoota the five units of elements. Water, earth, sky, fire and gas are called five elements. In siddha, guru marunthu is prepared by using the five main ingredients and very little amount of guru marunthu is mixed with all medicines to improve its working condition.
Siddha Vaidyam for Diabetes : The best medicine for diabetes is food control. Stop drinking tea or coffee take ragi kanji or kambu kanji. Take one or two idlis for morning tiffin. Get navadhanyam from nearest shop and soak for 48 hours. It will get germinated then eat raw of make powder use for Kanji.
Add samba godhumai upma or kanji in your daily diet best for night dinner. Eat fibre rich vegetables like banana stem, beans, and spinach.   
Siddha vaidyam for hair growth: Siddha medicinal oil is prepared which reduce the hair fall induce hair growth.
Siddha vaidyam for infertility: Natural honey or kollimalai honey is the natural inducer of pregnancy which is used in the preparation siddha infertility medicines.  
siddha vaidyam for pimples: Mix olive oil and pure sandal and prepare paste. Apply this paste before going to bed. Take abunch of mint leaves, grind nicely and apply for the pimples. Leave it for overnight.
Siddha vaidyam for psoriasis: siddha medicine for kalanjaga padai are Nanguneri oil and neem oil.
Siddha vaidyam for piles: Siddha medicine called karunai kizlangu legiyam with selected food works better.

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