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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tamil Medicine Tips Home Made Tamil Treatments

Tamil Medicine Tips 
This is an article to share the information of Tamil medicine tips and home made Tamil treatments. Tamil Siddha vaidyam and  Tamil Ayurvedic medicines are the two major divisions in natural medicine treatment. There are many Tamil medicine books describing the ancient Tamil medicines.
Here are some treatment methods for diseases like abortion, acne, after delivary, blood cholesterol, premature ejaculation, fertility problems and fungal infection. In early age learning Tamil medicine in Tamil language was practiced by siddhas but they teach this medicine only for their generation but now there are many colleges to teach Tamil siddha and ayurvedic medicines.    
Tamil medicine for acne: Take a hand full of each leaves (neem leaves, mint leaves and tulsi leaves) add tsp of turmeric powder and prepare a paste by grinding nicely. Apply the paste for acne and pimple scare daily three times. (Leave it as such for maximum hours). Application of five days can reduce your problem.  
Tamil Medicine for Cholesterol: Prepare the juice of kadukkai, and nellikai (goose berry), drink 2tsp daily.
Eat raw Carrot mixed with honey daily two to three with more fibre food like oats.
Tamil Medicine for Fungal Infection: Rub your fungal infected area with onion juice three hours once (never scarp with nails)
Applying garlic juice is also a good remedy for skin fungal infection.
Tamil Medicine for Abortion: Well known Tamil medicine for abortion is papaya fruit.
Tamil Medicine for Fertility: Rose gulkand is given for ladies to get pregnant and also for the good health of pregnant women.
Pumpkin seeds induce the sperm production in male.
Iluppai flower can be boiled with milk and taken daily by adding sugar. This will reduce the infertility problem male.
One of the best banyan tree fruit uses is infertility medicine. Dry the fruits and prepare powder. Take 1tsp daily with milk to cure female fertility.  
Tamil medicine after delivery: Prasava legiyam to be given after delivery.
Tamil medicine for premature ejaculation: one of the best working medicines for premature ejaculation is having Ashwagandha Churna 5gm (available in ayurvedic  shopes) daily with milk can prevent this problem.

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