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Friday, April 25, 2014

Siddha Medicine for Baldness

Siddha Medicine for Baldness
This is the information of Siddha Medicine  for Baldness. Just like Ayurveda, siddha medicines or siddha therapy is also one of the oldest therapies in India. Tamilnadu is the state which has largely adopted Siddha medicinal therapy. The medicines used under siddha therapy are mainly based upon herbal plants. The roots and leaves of the plants are used to make these medicines. Many useful and even poisonous plants are used as a remedy for many types of diseases.
Siddha therapy has better solution to treat hair problems. This therapy not only prevents the hair fall but also stimulates rapid hair growth.

Siddha Treatment for Baldness
Indian Liquorice or Athimathuram is finely grinded into powder. To make a paste from this powder the therapists use buffalo milk in it. This paste works magically to regain hair quickly. The paste is evenly spread over the scalp on bald area. The therapists advise patients to take a head bath after 10 to 15 minutes. This therapy should be repeated on regular basis to obtain desired results.
Kuppaimeni or generally called as Acalypha Indica is the herb which is used to deal with the problem of baldness. The roots of this plant are used in the therapy. The roots are thoroughly cleaned and crushed into fine paste. Coconut oil is added and mixed with this paste. Kuppaimeni extract or kuppaimeni juice is added to this mixture. After mixing the mixture properly, it is heat on the medium flame for some time. After getting one boil the mixture is kept aside to cool down. The oil is then filtered and stored in air tight container. This oil can be used several times as a treatment for bald scalp. The gentle massage with this oil on the affected area helps to cure baldness in short period.

Siddha Hair oil for Baldness
Siddha medicines suggest paste of hibiscus leaves for the treatment of baldness. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it get dry for 20-25 minutes. Wash it with cold water. The regular usage can show positive effects.
Mix amla powder in coconut oil and boil the mixture well. After cooling, use this oil as the best treatment for baldness.
Siddha medicinal therapy suggests fresh aloe vera pulp to treat hair fall. Apply this pulp or aloe vera gel on the scalp and wash if off after 40 minutes. The regular usage can help the prevention of the hair fall.
Another herbal therapy used in Siddha therapy is to make a paste of the leaves of the plants like hibiscus, neem and eclipta along with fenugreek seeds and amla powder. Coconut oil is mixed in this paste and then the entire mixture is boiled properly. The regular use of this oil on the scalp is beneficial to stop hair fall and growth of new hair.

Boil coconut oil along with some curry leaves and after cooling down use this oil  on the affected area to get new hair growth. 

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