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Friday, April 25, 2014

Siddha Medicine for Pimples Maruthuvam Acne

Siddha Medicine for Pimples
This is the info of Siddha medicine for Pimples maruthuvam  acne treatment. A hormonal change is the main cause for acne and pimples but besides that many other aspects can also be a cause for pimples. Proper and healthy diet and some simple medication can help to get rid of skin problems like acne and pimples. Siddha medicinal therapy vaidyam suggests some changes in food style and simple remedies to overcome this problem. Siddha medicine for acne is very safe and it is very rare to cause side effects.

Siddha Treatment for Pimples Diet to follow
The food like burger, pizza , cookies, candies, soda, pastries is less in nutritional properties and this type of food supports oiliness and inflammation of the skin. Dermatologists suggest the excess consumption of this food. The therapists also suggest reducing the consumption of milk and adding buttermilk and leafy vegetables in the regular diet. Omega -3 fatty acid works as an anti-inflammatory agent but the omega-6 fatty acid present in vegetable oil can cause skin inflammation and related problems.
Following are the food items which are useful in purifying blood supply and reducing inflammation effectively:

1.   Fish diet: fish contains plenty of EPA and DHA which are anti-inflammatory agents. Some kinds of fish are rich with Omega -3 fatty acid which is beneficial in reducing inflammation and preventing acne and pimple.

2.   Green leafy vegetables: green vegetables are rich with fibre.  They also lessen inflammation and help to get healthy skin type.

3.   Whole grains: whole grains contain plenty of anti-oxidants. They also reduce the effect of inflammation of skin which can cause acne and pimple.

4.   Green tea: Drinking green tea regularly is one of the effective siddha vaidyam for pimples. Green tea is the very good remedy to keep the pimples away. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory character of green tea can reduce the skin blemishing effectively.

Best Siddha Maruthuvam for pimples
Following siddha treatment is beneficial in fighting against acne and pimples:
Oil Bath: In siddha therapy oil bath is suggested to be taken twice a week. Special type of medicated oil is used for this therapy. The main use of oil bath is to reduce the dryness of skin and nourishment of skin cells effectively. This treatment not only prevents acne and pimples but also nourishes skin.

Purgation: This is a best siddha treatment for acne. This  therapy is used to remove all the toxins from the body which can cause inflammation and many other skin problems. This therapy is given after every four months. It detoxifies and purifies blood supply.

While suggesting internal medicines, the siddha medicines practitioners focus upon the condition of the patients. The commonly prescribed medicines are
1.   Gandaga Rasayanam
2.   Parangi Rasayanam
3.   Elathi choornam
4.   Parangipattai Choornam
5.   Sangu parpam
6.   Palakarai parpam

Along with the internal medication some external remedies are also suggested in siddha therapy. Following are commonly suggested external medicines:
1.   Nalanku Mav
2.   Kunkili Vannai
3.   Sangu paspam mixed with milk
4.   Kumkumadhi cream

Siddha medicinal therapy suggests washing the face with cold water thrice a day to clean the dust and dirt on the skin.

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