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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Medicinal properties of kadukkai siddha treatment

This is the topic of Medicinal properties of kadukkai siddha treatment. Terminalia chebula or Haritaki is called kadukkai in Tamil. This is a deciduous tree found in India and Nepal in large quantity. The fruits, roots and bark of the plant are used for medicinal uses. The fruit of this tree is yellowish green in color and it carries only one seed. The medicinal properties of the plant are used in the treatment of many health ailments. Following are some of the medicinal uses of Terminalia Chebula plant:

The fruits of the terminalia are used for reduction of pain and swelling.  The paste of the fruit is applied on the affected area. It can reduce the swelling effectively and cures the wounds and ulcers rapidly.
The anti inflammatory and astringent properties of hatikari helps in problem like spermatorrhea treatment and vaginal disgorge.

Kadukkai weight loss treatment
The combination of haritaki powder and honey is helpful for treating obesity and weight loss problems. The herb is also beneficial in memory enhancement.

Kadukkai constipation remedy: Those who are suffering from constipation can take advantage of the Haritaki plant as it works as a natural laxative. For the problem of conjunctivitis, the paste of the fruit of haritaki can be beneficial.

Kadukkai for ulcerIt can give soothing effect on the eyelids. The decoction made with haritaki bark extracts is used for gargling for the treating the problems like mouth ulcers and throat irritation. Other oral problems like bleeding gums, slack gums and ulcers can also be solved with the help of haritaki decoction.

Kadukkai for stomach: Haritaki is one of the major ingredients in Triphala churnam which is used for stomach problems and oral problems treatment. It is one of the very good treatment for bleeding gums and pyorrhea.
The consumption of haritaki plant extract can regularize digestion and improves the appetite also.

Kadukkai legiyam uses : Haritaki is considered as natural energy booster. The consumption of haritaki powder along with pure ghee gives strength to the body. Internal problems like tumors, piles, enlargement of liver spleen and intestinal worms can be cured with the help of haritaki plant extracts. For treating gouts, haritaki powder is mixed with jiggery this is called Kadukkai legiyam.

Kadukkai and acidity: Take 1/2tsp of Kadukkai podi in clod milk.
Kadukkai for acne : Make a paste of Kadukkai powder and turmeric powder. Apply on the acne and acne scars.
kadukkai for cough: Kadukkai choornam is very effective on cold and cough home remedy treatment.
kadukkai for face: Apply kadukkai paste prepared by using equal quantity of kadukkai and green gram gives glowing skin.  
Kadukkai powder for anemia: The patients of anemia are treated with the regular consumption of haritaki powder with ghee and honey.
Kadukkai for asthma: For the treatment of asthma and hiccups the terminalia chebula powder is mixed with dry ginger powder and consumed with hot water.

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