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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Hair Growth Hair loss Vaithiyam Maruthuvam for Regrowth

 Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth
This is the information of Tamil siddha medicine for hair growth Hair loss vaithiyam maruthuvam for regrowth. Hair fall, hair loss and white hair are the most common problems for young people.  One of the best siddha maruthuvam for hair growth is the application of siddha hair oil regularly for about six month.

Siddha Vaithiyam for Hair Growth: Take ten to twelve lotus leaves, heat it in low fire and extract the juice.  Take half liter of gingelly oil add the lotus leaves extract and let to boil in medium flame. After two to three minutes of boiling the extract mixes with the oil and floats as a layer at the top.  

Siddha medicine for hair regrowth: Take 100ml of aloe vera juice (use commercially available one freshly prepared at home) 3tsp of fenugreek seed powder. Mix the fenugreek feed powder with aloevera juice.Now take half lit of coconut oil boil for two to three minutes by adding fenugreek powder+ aloe vera. Apply this regularly for fast hair re growth.  

Siddha healthy hair Remedy: If you are very busy and no time for home preparation, don’t worry, purely prepared hair oils siddha medicine for hair growth is available in the market find the best one with Siddha doctors advice.
Siddha Hair wash Powder: Siddha Hair wash Powder works better for hair loss problem. Take 100gm of soap nut(shikakai), 10g of hibiscus leaves and 100gm fenugreek seeds. Dry these ingredients in direct sunlight and dry fry for a minute then make powder. Apply this for your hair wash weekly twice. This is one of the easily prepared and very effective methods for Siddha medicine hair loss problem.

Siddha treatment for hair growth: Take 50gm of dry Curry leaves powder (home preparation) add with one lit of coconut oil. Let it to boil for five minute, cool it and use this as hair oil regularly. Do scalp massage at week ends.  Scalp massage with warm curry leaves oil is the best siddha treatment for hair growth.

Siddha medicine hair loss Treatment: Hair loss can not be treated only with external application.Things to do to avoid hair loss are
1.   Healthy diet with more vitamins, minerals and iron.
2.   Hair should be maintained cleanly without dandruff and head lice
3.   Application of natural products for hair oil and hair wash.   

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