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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review

Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems 
This is the information of Siddha Hair oil Remedies for Hair Problems Hair Oil Cost and Review details. Siddha medicine is an ancient treatment followed still by many people. Siddha Tamil treatment works better for hair related problems like hair fall, hair loss, white hair, gray hair and hair regrowth.

 In recent years siddha hair loss treatment is becoming popular in India and also foreign countries like USA. The availability of commercial siddha herbal hair oil in usa give relief for all hair problems of the people those who are settled there for the purpose of Job.   

siddha medicine for white hair Herbal Oil preparation:
Ingredients: sesame oil 250ml,
Hibiscus leaves 10
Hibiscus flower – 5
Amla – 3
Henna leaves paste or powder – 100gm
Dry the above given ingredients except oil and make powder. Add the ingredient powder with the sesame oil and boil for 10 minutes in low flame.  Apply this siddha herbal hair oil for your hair regularly (daily before bed time and leave at least 12 hrs.). Regular application for about one month can change the colour of your white hair and delays the further appearance of white hair.  

Hair Oil Cost and Review
Commercial siddha hair oil price starts from hundred rupees for 100ml.  Siddha hair oil cost varies from vast range depending upon the company and its quality.  
Siddha herbal hair oil Bangalore Shops:

V.R.Herbal Hair Oils
7th Main, 7th Cross, Near Om Shakthi Temple,
Garvebhavi Palya, Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560068 Ph: 7353595947

Kukkuburra Enterprise
No. 1087,23rd Cross, Layout,
Dr. Shvaram Karanth Nagar, Jakkur,
Bangalore - 560065
Ph -  9953358105

Note: Siddha hair oil review is available online. Read the reviews of different products and buy the best one for your hundred percent positive result.


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