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Monday, June 3, 2013

Papaya Medicine for Blood pressure and Nutrients Present

Papaya Medicinal usesPapaya is not just a fruit, it is a medicine too. This page gives the information of Papaya medicine for blood pressure and Nutrients Present. you can take papaya juice or fruit pulp daily.  Experience the benefits and share your views in comment section.

Papaya for weight loss: Papaya is very special among the fruits in taste and nutrients. It is having many medicinal properties and it can be easily digested too. The fruit is available throughout the year. The calories present 100gm papaya is very less. It is just 39 calories.  People those who have to reduce their weight can add this fruit in their breakfast by reducing 3/4 of their tiffin.  Papaya is completely fat free and having multivitamins and minerals in large quantity.
Papaya uses in Tamil always stats that it is rich in vitamin C which is more when compare to orange and lemon. Vitamin C helps in improving the immune system of the body. Papaya medicine is prepared in Tamil medicine.   Papaya is the source of the vitamin A and beta-carotene and many aminoacids so you can get excellent vision and silky smooth skin. Vitamin B complex gives energy and refreshment for the body.

Papaya for high blood pressure and cholesterol
Papay good for blood pressure control.  In ayurvedic treatment they use Papaya for lowering blood pressure. 100gm of papaya contains 257ml potassium. Potassium in papaya controls high blood pressure. Papaya is best for cholesterol.
Papaya seed is used as a medicine for skin diseases.    

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