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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment

Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment
Headache Tamil meaning: Thalaivali. This is the post about Headache migraine Tamil Siddha Medicine Treatment. Now Headache is becoming the most common problem for all age frup people.
The most common types of headache are migraine headache, cluster headache and sinus-headache. The headache treatments are available in siddha mooligai maruthivam for this problem and it is very natural with out any side effects.

Tamil medicine for Headache: Dry some lemon peel, powder it and apply on the forehead area.do massage by using warm coconut oil. One of the best headache treatment in tamil maruthuvam is preparing the paste of 4 or 5 cloves and apply on your forehead area. Migraine is called otrai thalaivali headache in Tamil. It is a very painful problem.
Siddha Medicine for Headache: The best siddha medicine for sinus-headache is having ginger tea regularly.  

Ginger tea preparation: Take a cup of milk or water, prepare one tsp of ginger paste. Add tea powder and ginger paste in the boiling milk. Let it to boil for 2-3minutes and filter it.

Siddha medicine for migraine: Thulsi tea gives better relief for  migraine headache. Thulsi tea preparation is same like that of ginger tea. Add 10 – 12 Tulsi leaves instead of ginger.  One sides headache is called Cluster headache in Tamil treatment. It is characterized by the regular timing appearance. Medicines are available in Tamil siddha medicine for Cluster headache.

Causes of Migraine   headache: Changes in type of food and timings, eating fast food cause headache so eat healthy and balanced food with more fruits and vegetables.

Absence of sufficient sleep can also cause head in the morning times so be punctual in your sleeping time. Regular exercise improves the brain secretion this will improve the functioning of your brain. Avoid smoking and drinks, avoid tension, stress and depression. Taking self medication also causes headache.    

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