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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Arugampul Maruthuvam Benefits and Advantages

Arugampul maruthuvam benefits
This is the information about Arugampul maruthuvam benefits and arugampul medicinal uses.  Cynodon dectylon is a botanical name of Bermuda grass tamil name Arugampul. This grass is available in large quantity in India. This grass carries a plenty of therapeutic properties, clinical values and health benefits. It is rich in minerals and protein. Arugampul ayurveda treatment is very popular in Tamil nadu. The experiments are going on to treat arugampul for cancer disease.

Bermuda grass extract is a wonderful detoxifier. It removes harmful toxins from the body. It is a best remedy for relieving acidity. In ayurveda, powdered arugampul with honey is given to reduce body weight.
The main significant property of Bermuda grass is that it is Alkaline. It helps to maintain alkalinity of blood. Arugampul capsules are available in ayurveda treatment.

Arugampul diabetes Treatment: Recent studies have proved that Bermuda grass extract carries considerable hypo-glycomic and anti-diabetic effects. Thus it is very helpful in treating diabetes and fights against the complication of diabetes.
The Bermuda grass is majorly known as immunity builder. It is supportive in maintaining good health and preventing infections. No arugampul side effects found but some times this my cause allergic reaction.

Arugampul for Hair Growth: Take 1tsp of henna powder, arugampul powder and menthe powder and hibiscus powder. Add in coconut oil and let in the heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Filter it and use as hair oil.
The Bermuda juice is useful in digestive problems and it also treats stomach disorders. It is a known remedy for curing constipation.
Bermuda grass contains more than 60% chlorophyll which is favourable for increasing red blood cells in the body.  In recent years arugampul juice for thyroid is preferred by many patients.
Extracts of Bermuda grass cures weakness and general exhaustion. It helps to keep the body strong and active so It is best to take arugampul juice during pregnancy time
Bermuda juice is highly advised for the patients of Insomnia.

Arugampul and weigh loss Medicine: Nowadays the grass is used in making weight reduction pills, weight loss powder and weight loss juices.

Bermuda grass is best remedy in oral problems. It helps to stop bleeding gums, makes the teeth strong and removes the bad breathe.
The paste of Bermuda grass is beneficial in curing foot cracks.
Bermuda grass is best beneficial for new-mothers as it improve breast milk production.

It is very useful in treating cold and cough. This grass is used in treating asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis. The regular consumption of Bermuda grass juice clears congested lungs. Arugampul powder benefits in Tamil maruthuvam is well-known for the these diseases.

Regular consumption of Bermuda grass juice helps to reduce obesity without any side effect. It is very beneficial for women as the extract of this grass helps to solve many menstrual problems. It also reduces headache and nausea during these days.
Bermuda grass juice is useful in improving sexual energy.

Arugampul Juice Preparation: Arugampul juice benefits for weight loss is known by ancient siddha medicine. Take handful of Bermuda grass. Cut off the roots. Clean the grass into small pieces and grind the grass in mixer by adding little water. This extract can be consumed either with water or with tender coconut water. It is advised to consume this juice in the morning before taking any food. It is necessary that one should not eat or drink anything for at least 1 hour after having the juice.

Arugampul Home Remedies
1.   Juice of Bermuda grass should be consumed in the morning on empty stomach to remove toxins from the body.
2.   Paste of Bermuda grass along with turmeric powder is the best medicine for treating skin infections like eczema and scabies.
3.   Cut the grass and boil it in water along with white pepper. This warm mixture is very useful in curing urinary tract infection and anal itch.
4.   Bermuda grass paste and curd is useful mixture for treating piles and white discharge in women.
5.   Bermuda grass juice and honey is the wonderful therapy for curing diabetes.


Amudhan said...

I will like to know whether Diabetic can consume "adhimadhuram"

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How to take arugampul for white discharge either asjuice or apply as paste

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How to use arugampul juse is healthy blood.i live in uk which shop can i buy this arugampul . Let me know.thanks.debo