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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tamil Medicine for body Heat Reduce Naturally

Tamil Medicine for body Heat 
Body heat can be caused due to various reasons. Normally a human body temperature is more or less around 98.3 degrees F. Our body maintains this temperature by its own with the body functions like metabolism which creates heat and sweating which reduces body temperature. Following are some of the natural remedies to reduce body heat. You should always think about that How to decrease body heat in Tamil language Treatment especially in summer season. Body heat problem in Tamil medicine is possible only through eating natural food items without side effects.
Body heat in Tamil Name: Udal ushnam

Sweating is the natural way to reduce the body heat and the best remedy to reduce body heat is consuming a lot of water. Doctors advise to drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water per day.
Hot and Spicy food increases our body heat, so avoid consuming it to reduce body heat. Instead add more leafy vegetables in your diet. Eat lots of fruits to maintain body temperature. Alcohol also helps to increase body heat, so better to avoid it.

Tips to Reduce Body Heat in Tamil Medicine
Tamil Medicine to Reduce body Heat 
Nuts and vinegar increase body heat, so do not consume it if you are suffering from heat problem.
Take a bath with cold water to minimize body temperature immediately. Whenever it is not possible to take a bath just soak your feet in cold water reduce body heat.
Consumption of fresh pomegranate juice reduces body temperature effectively. Consume more ice-apple (nungu or tender palm fruit) which is available in summer season.

How to Reduce Body Heat in Tamil Treatment
Drink chilled milk along with a table spoon of money mixed with it.
The old and the very good remedy to reduce body heat is to apply sandalwood powder+ cold milk  paste on forehead, chest and feet.
Fenugreek seeds work effectively to lessen body heat, so during summer season regularly consume 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds.

How to Reduce Body Heat Naturally using Tamil Treatment
Consumption of Buttermilk decreases body temperature instantly.
Tender coconut helps to balance the body heat effectively. So it is advised to drink coconut water during hot season.
Fruits like sweet lemon, oranges contain Vitamin C, consumption of Vitamin C reduces body heat and cools the body.
Watermelon consists 95% water, thus helps to reduce body temperature within few minutes.
Ayurveda suggests cardamom to control body heat. Use cardamom in your daily diet.
Drink fruit juices twice a day to balance body temperature and compensate the water loss in summer.
Mix 1 tsp of almond powder and a 1/4tsp of turmeric in chilled milk and consume it before going to bed; it will help to keep you cool.

How to decrease body heat in Tamil Home medicine
Boil Cumin seeds in water and drink this water after cooling to maintain body temperature.
Twice a week massage your body with olive oil to lessen body temperature.
Organic tea and mint tea also works effectively to reduce body heat.
Eat cucumber daily in hot summer season to reduce the body temperature.
Banana proves effective to reduce body heat.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry juice mixed with honey works effectively on reducing body heat. 

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