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Friday, March 14, 2014

Murungai Keerai Medicinal Uses and Values

Murungai Keerai Medicinal Uses and Values
This is murungai keerai medicinal uses benefits and Values. Drumsticks leaves are called murungai keerai in Tamil. The leaves are used in many types of tasty recipes like murungai keerai poriyal, murungai keerai kootu and the very murungai keerai soup, but apart from this drumstick leaves are beneficial for many health problems

Murungai keerai nutrition facts
According to Ayurveda, drumstick leaves carry medicinal properties which can cure more than 250 types of diseases. It has nutrients and antioxidants which are useful in being healthy.
 Drumstick leaves have vitamin A and vitamin C. They also carry plenty of Amino acid and calcium.

Murungai keerai health benefits
The medicinal properties of these leaves are useful to get rid of  bones, skin and heart related problems.
Drumstick leaves juice is useful in avoiding constipation.
Drumstick leaves soup is consumed to get relief in asthma and many other respiratory problems.
Drumsticks are rich in calcium. Consumption of these leaves can be helpful for stronger bones and stronger teeth.
Potassium is useful in brain development. Drumstick leaves contain plenty of potassium, even more than potato. Thus they are useful in brain development and nerves building.
Drumstick leaves are very much useful in building up body cells and make the body fit and healthy.

Murungai keerai for hair Growth
Juice of drumstick leaves are useful in reducing body heat and thus used in treating heat related problems like hair loss, tiredness and eye sores.
Take Drumstick leaves along with pure ghee to stimulate the blood circulation in the body to induce the re growth of hair follicles.
Drumstick leaves for pimples:  Drumstick leaves juice mixed with lemon juice is the very good remedy for controlling pimples.

Murungai keerai and pregnancy Benefits
Consumption of drumstick leaves are advised for conceived ladies who are suffering from calcium deficiency and insufficient iron in the blood.
These leaves improve defense mechanism in body and thus fight against many type of infections.
Applying boiled drumstick leaves paste on joint pain, nerves or muscles pain, headache gives soothing effect immediately.
The antimicrobial properties of drumstick leaves cure throat, chest and many types of skin infections.
The people who are facing the problem of sexual weakness, the drumstick and drumstick leaves are highly advised as a treatment.

Drumstick leaves for anemia: Drumstick leaves and lemon juice is a miracle mixture for treating many diseases like deficiency, anaemia, cough, asthma, nerves weakness and even for smoothness of skin.
If you are getting swelling on hands or legs frequently, then drumstick leaves juice will be very much beneficial.

Drumstick leaves and honey: If you have the extract of drumstick leaves along with honey and tender coconut is useful to regain the strength and reduce the weakness.
The kids who are facing eye nerves weakness, drumstick leaves juice and honey mixture is advised to take at night before going to bed.

Drumstick leaves for hypertension: Take Drumstick leaves recipe weekly three times are helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

Drumstick leaves juice benefits: Drumstick leaves juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice along with a pinch of rock salt is best remedy for treating excretory infections.

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