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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage Health Tips

Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage Health Tips
This is Tamil Siddha medicine and its usage health tips. Siddha medicine therapy is the oldest therapy in India. Ancient Siddha ayurveda tamil books are very useful to know about this completely which are written in Tamil language.  This therapy is hugely used in Tamil nadu. Siddha medicine is believed as a branch of ayurveda. Siddha medicines are chiefly prepared using the herbs and roots of plants. Many venomous plants are also used to treat some types of diseases. It is called vaidyam or maruthuvam by local people.
Siddha medical therapy is classified in 3 major parts:
1.   Herbal therapy
2.   Metal and mineral therapy.
3.   Animal and other spices therapy
Herbal therapy is the root therapy used in all the other therapies. In many diseases Siddha medicines can be useful without causing side effects.

Siddha Medicines for Cancer Tamil
The cancer is supposed to be a deadly disease. The main aim of Siddha medicines is to build the immunity and reduce the side effects of the disease. It contains metals and combination like ferrous sulphate, sulphate, sulphur, mica, mercury, tin etc. The majorly used ingredient is salt collected from beach in Tamilnadu. Siddha medicines are also used in treating Brain tumour, poly cysts in uterus, thyroid cancer, tongue cancer, blood, breast, and lung cancer. The therapy contains oil application on body, medicines that is applying paste outside and oral medicines. This medication depends upon the symptoms of patients.

Siddha Medicines for Hair Fall
Tamil siddha beauty tips are more effective. According to Siddha medicines the main cause of hair fall is ‘Pitta dosha’, incorrect diet and indigestion, which affects absorption of necessary nutrients and blood supply to the scalp. But siddha medicines are very much beneficial in this problem. It treats the root cause of the hair fall with some internal medications like Triphala karpam, Nellikai Lehyam, Aya Chendooram, Triphala karpa tablets, sathavari Lehyam and some external therapies like Neeli bringathi, kumara kunthal ennai are mostly advised. Along with this tamil siddha herbs are alao help in hair growth. Herbal shampoos like Amla-Shikekai-dry neem leaves paste, paste of boiled urad dal and methi seeds, paste of hibiscus flower and leaves are proved useful.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Diabetes
 In siddha medical therapy diabetes is known as Mathumekam or Pramagham, in which the level of insulin in body reduces. Along with the proper diet and regular exercise, siddha medicines are proven very helpful in treating this health condition. The medicines used by siddha therapy Seenthi Kudineer, Seenthi Choornam, Nyavalkottai choornam, Silasathu Parpam, Triphala choornam. Use of Amla, garlic, methi, turmeric is also included in treatment.

Siddha Medicines for Constipation
Siddha therapy focuses on purgation medicines like Agasthiyar, kuzhambu, lavan gurathi ennai, siddhathi ennai are useful in improving digestion and reducing indigestion. Eladi choornam, Trikadugu Choornam, Inji vadagam, Thalisathi choornam asta choornam etc. are some of the famous siddha digestives.
This and many more diseases like Tamil siddha medicine for premature ejaculation are also in practice. There are many tamil websites for siddha to get information about the diseases and can be cured quickly with siddha medical therapy.

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