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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss: Ramdev baba Asanas Tips

Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
This is tamil yoga for weight loss and yoga tips for weight loss in tamil asanas. Yoga is one of the primeval exercises followed in our country. It is a form of exercise which is helpful in keeping the body and mind healthy and relaxed. Yoga is very effective choice to lose weight. Losing weight with yoga is a slow process but the result is irreversible. You might have been see Ramdev baba yoga for weight loss in tamil you tube video.

Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss in Tamil

1.   Shalbasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 lie on stomach. Keep your hands below your thighs. Portion above the neck chin should touch the floor. Slowly lift your left leg straight and then try this with right leg. When you are comfortable with this then try to left your both legs.

2.   Dhanurasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 lie down by touching stomach on the ground. Hans position will be besides your chest. Then slowly lift your legs from the thighs and slowly touch the legs with hands. Remain like this for few seconds initially.

3.   Grinding pose or chakki chalan Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 To shed the fats on stomach this asana is most effective. All you need to do is sit in a relaxing position and stretch your legs straight. Don’t bend the legs from knees.  Touch both legs. Now join your hands and move them over your legs in spherical movement. This asana provides stretch to your legs, hands and stomach. Repeat the action initially 5-5 times clockwise and counter clock wise.

4.   Setu bandhan Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss: lie down touching your back on the ground. Firm your feet on the floor and bend your knees. Very slowly lift your body upwards. Release slowly. Repeat it 5 times initially. It is a best exercise to shape thighs and hips.

5.   Pavanmuktasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 Lie down on ground by touching your back down. Then bend your legs in knees and lift them. Slowly press your one leg on your stomach and gradually try to touch your chin with knee. Lift your head little bit to touch the chin to the knee. Release. Try this with another leg slowly. When you are comfortable slowly try to lift both legs. This asana is done to burn fat on stomach.

6.   Bhujangasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 This is a pose like a snake. Lie on the ground by touching stomach on floor. Touch your forehead on ground and place your palms near your shoulders. Stretch your legs and touch the tip of your feet on the floor. Now take the balance and stretch your arms upwards. Your chest should rise upwards. Your position should look like a snake.

7.   Padahastasana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 Stand straight. Your feet should touch each other. Now bend slowly and try to touch your feet with fingers. Slowly go back in original position. Repeat. This asana helps to reduce thigh and belly fats.

8.   Side bend asana Tamil Yoga For Weight Loss
 stand straight. Keep your hands straight. Now turn your body towards right side without stretching it too much. Come back to original position. Try the same on left side. Repeat to shed the fats on your sides.

These are only some of the easy poses of yoga to reduce weight permanently. Along with these asanas, Pranayama – the breathing exercise is very beneficial. Pranayama is useful in increasing metabolism and burning calories quickly. It also increases blood circulations. Yoga for weight loss in tamil free download is available in online make use and get the benefits.
Diet is also necessary with yoga practice. Regular yoga or exercise should be practiced on bare stomach. Yoga and breathing practice not only reduces weight but also keeps you mind fresh and energetic.

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