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Friday, March 14, 2014

Tamil Acupuncture Treatment for Diabetes

Tamil Acupuncture Treatment for Diabetes
This is the details of Tamil acupuncture treatment for Diabetes, the other famous treatment in this subject is clinical acupuncture points for weight loss in tamil maruthuvam.
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Acupuncture meaning in Tamil: Kuthuoosi medicine or Treatment
Acupuncture treatment for diabetes:
Acupuncture pulse diagnosis in Tamil diabetes treatment is popular in Tamil treatment. Type-2 diabetes has become a common disease all over the world. It is a metabolic disorder in which insufficient is produced by body or body cells stop responding to insulin. The main symptoms of type-2 diabetes are:
Feeling  Thirst always
Frequent urine
Sudden loss of weight

Tamil Acupuncture Points and Treatment
The history for this treatment was started in China. Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy for many types of diseases. Acupuncture is proved beneficial in controlling type 2, that is not related to insulin secretion. This treatment mainly deals with increasing insulin production in body and thus regulating blood sugar level. It recovers the blood lipid report. This treatment also regulates blood circulation and restrained stress reaction. Acupuncturists deal with nearly 20 body points which are beneficial in reducing blood sugar. You might have heard about Tamil acupuncture points in our body.

According to Chinese therapy the points which can be helpful in reducing diabetes are quchi, sanyinjiao, zusanli and yishu. The studies have proved that a Point in the back, called ‘yishu’ is very beneficial to control the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Along with these main points yuj, guanyuan and baihui are additional helping points. But use of these points is different from person to person and the treatment is dependent on the symptoms and medical history of the patient.

Acupuncture can be securely and efficiently combined with western medicines and other treatments such as herbal medicines, exercise and relaxation. TCM or Traditional Medication first followed by Chinese people combines acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapy to treat diabetes patients. This treatment is also effective is restoring all the disparities in body. Baihu Jia is one of the herbs used in herbal  for treatment of diabetes. Ginseng is also one of the effective herbs which is used in many herbal medicines beneficial in reducing blood glucose level.

In the treatment of acupuncture, the therapist arranges sessions and in a single session many acupuncture points can be treated. But overall the acupuncture therapy for diabetes is a long term treatment, as this therapy mainly deals with the symptoms. Generally one or two sessions per week are conducted and these sessions continue till there is a significant reduction in blood sugar level. The treatment focuses upon the body condition and symptoms in a person.

The main three symptoms of diabetes help the therapist to find out the most affected area of a patient. If the patient is feeling extreme thirst then the upper body area is believed to be affected. If the patient is feeling excess hunger or sudden loss in weight then the middle area is assumed to be affected and if the patient is showing the symptom of excessive urination then the therapist believe that his lower body area is highly involved in the disease. The treatment is accordingly decided.

If the diabetic history of a person is too old then the acupuncture therapy takes more time and sessions. This treatment is more effective in young patients or the patients who have developed diabetes in recent few years.
Free Tamil acupuncture books and ebooks are available online you can download it from tamil language and make use to learn but leaning with trained professionals.

The acupuncture treatment in diabetes is useful in several ways like:
It controls the main symptom of diabetes that is overeating or urge of overeating. It controls the appetite.
It also deals in controlling extreme thirst.
It regulates the blood circulation and builds up the resistance.
It helps to increase the production of blood cells.
The acupuncture treatment also helps in curing the long-standing, non-curative skin injuries and ulcers. 

List of acupuncture doctors in tamil nadu is also available in online find the good one as per your choice. There are some acupuncture side effects in tamil nadu people those who are using blood thinner medication.

Acupuncture Tamil website: darulsafa 


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