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Friday, March 7, 2014

Nellikai medicinal Uses Nellikai Benefits in Tamil Maruthuvam

This is the information of Nellikai medicinal Uses Nellikai benefits in Tamil maruthuvam siddha and ayurveda.

Nellikai Medicinal Values
Amla or Indian Gooseberry is generally known as the ‘Wonder fruit’ because of the medicinal properties and benefits it carries. Many of us are not aware of nellikai nutrition facts and its health benefits. Nellikai is good for health and is useful to treat various types of health problems, skin treatments and hair problems also.

 It can be consumed in various forms like pickles, chutney and juice or even raw. People usually have with salt and chilli powder but nellikai in salt water soaked gives a nice taste. Dried amlas can be powdered and used in many types of treatments. By knowing the advantages each and every houses of Tamil nadu villages have nellikai tree.
Kattu nellikai english name : Amla
nellikai botanical name: Emblica Officianalies

Here are the information about nellikai maruthuvam in tamil medicine.
Nellikai medicinal uses and nellikai benefits Tamil Medicines
Eating nellikai during pregnancy gives vitamin c. The fruit contains high amount of vitamin C. So consumption of amla provides high level of vitamin C to body.
Nellikai is known as natural laxative. It is rich in fibre. Regular consumption of raw amla relieves the problem of constipation.

Nellikai and honey: To treat chronic cough and cold, mix 1 tsp amla powder with 1 tsp honey and consume this mixture three times a day.

You might have been heard abut nellikai juice benefits in tamil siddha medicine. Mix amla juice in water and gargle with this water to get rid of mouth ulcers and ever bad breathe.

If you are suffering form joint pain of knee pain then is the best treatment for this. The anti-inflammatory property of not only reduces the pain but also helps to lessen the swelling. It is advised for the patients to consume raw amla or amla juice daily.

Ayurveda suggest Nellikai for the treatment of sleeplessness or insomniac condition. Nellikai oil massage is good for body pain.

If you are suffering form joint pain of knee pain then amla is the best treatment for this. The anti-inflammatory property of amla not only reduces the pain but also helps to lessen the swelling. It is advised for the patients to consume raw nelikai or amla juice daily.

As it is rich in vitamin C, amla is always suggested in the treatment of eyes. Regular consumption of amla or amla products are suggested by the eye specialists. It not only improves the vision but also reduces itching, redness and other eye problems in eyes.

Amla cures indigestion. Amla is a natural blood purifier. It washes off harmful toxins from the body. The troubles related to liver and bladder is also cured with the consumption of amla.

Amla is beneficial in treatment of respiratory problems like Asthma.
Studies have proved that amla is beneficial in treatment for cancer patients.
Those who want to shed their weight, amla can be useful for them. Amla increases protein metabolism in body and thus helps to reduce weight. 
Amla is rich in vitamin C and thus work as immunity builder.

Nellikai and diabetes: Nellikai is very useful ayurvedic diabetic treatment. Amla, the wonder fruit contains high level of chromium which is useful in reducing blood glucose level and thus helps to control diabetes.

Amla helps to reduce bad cholesterol from the body and increases the level of good cholesterol. Thus reduces the possibility of heart attack.

The anti- bacterial properties of amla help to cure various kinds of infections.
Wrinkles on the face, fine lines are the signs of pre mature aging. Amla helps to reduce this signs and makes you look younger. Amla powder face pack eradicates the dead skin cells and nourishes skin. 

Amla powder also reduces dirt and oiliness from the skin and thus stops the growth of pimples.

nellikai hair oil is beneficial for hair growth and stops hair fall. You can use nellikai powder for hair to reduce the dandruff. Amla is the best remedy in dandruff and lice problem.

Gentle massage with amla oil increases blood circulation on scalp and makes the hair soft and shiny, reduces dandruff and lice and also gives a bounce to hair.

Know about nellikai advantages and include the recipe in your diet at any from weekly three or four times a day.
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